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Hi, I’m Laurel, and I am the proud founder of Hemp Pharmanex. Just like many passionate CBD connoisseurs, my story stems from a personal relationship with CBD. A long time ago, I struggled immensely with chronic acne. Eventually, I was prescribed antibiotic therapy, which in turn, led my body to a host of gastrointestinal issues. When I was introduced to CBD, I was skeptical, but I was willing to try anything due to years of suffering. Right away, I was amazed at the results I was receiving from taking CBD and even more shocked that more people didn’t know about this holistic option- which is why I am here. CBD has changed my life, and I am very excited to share my products with you in hopes it can change yours too. I am excited to deliver you the best quality hemp-derived CBD products made from our farm that everyone can afford.



Our process, unlike most CBD companies, begins with a seed. Since we grow our hemp on our family farm in Michigan, we can closely monitor the growth process, ensuring no harmful chemicals or pesticides are ever used in the process. Guaranteeing your health & well-being are in safe hands.


After many days in the soil, our hemp plants are ready for harvest. We harvest by hand instead of using a combined harvester to ensure plants are mature and at their peak ripeness. Timing is essential, as a large percentage of CBD is created in the final weeks of a plant’s maturation.


After patiently waiting for our hemp plants to arrive at perfect maturity, it’s time to extract. Once harvested from our field, we make sure to test our hemp quality by sending it for laboratory testing and then undergo our extraction process. We use proprietary extraction techniques, which allow us to incorporate the most useful phytochemicals from the hemp materials—giving you a product rich in phytonutrients but free of harmful substances.


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