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    Heather B.

    Hemp Pharmanex is a high grade quality product!  It provides an all-over wellness that I was looking for. I am so pleased with the outcome!


    I really like the Instant Freeze topical. Definitely helps to relieve the achy sore muscles. Great products!


    CBD Oil.

    I love this product!! Their oil is my favorite. It’s potent and effective! It definitely helps me feel relaxed in the evening but isn’t sedating so if I need to feel calm during the day it works great for that too! I highly recommend this product!!

    Dr. J. Hudson

    These product’s are amazing, our patients love them so much, and the relief they give. Laurel is awesome, very professional and always there when we need her. 

    John L.

    Instant Freeze Relief Rub.

    This product is amazing. My wife recently used this as a massage cream for my back during a particularly bad episode, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. This cream has been an absolute game changer and has allowed me to eliminate using over the counter medications for pain and inflammation. It’s also easy on my sensitive skin which is not usually the case with most other creams. As an added bonus, it’s also helped  the split skin on my wife’s hands as well as helping her usual ache and stiffness. Thank you so much! 


    Relief Roll-On Gel.

    I started using Hemp Pharmanex Intensive Relief Roll-On Gel and it was remarkable how it helped my back. I suffer deeply in my hips and back – which this product has helped so much! I would recommend this to anyone because it truly works! 


    My fur babes-cat and 2 dogs- are all on the pet chews. 2 out of the 3 have medical issues and the chewy brings a level of balance and calmness to my crew. Thank you Hemp Pharmanex for producing such quality products! 

    Emma B.

    Instant Freeze Relief Rub.

    Within 5 min of rubbing the cream into my shoulder I instantly felt better. I highly recommend this excellent product 

    Neil B.

    CBD Oil.

    Your high-quality CBD Oil has offered me so much ease. I have been suffering for years and I’m so thankful for your products!!

    Leslie M.

    Intensive Relief Salve.

    When I tried the Hemp Pharmanex 4000mg Salve Stick I was blown away by the difference. It worked faster and better than the previous CBD I was using. As a migraine sufferer, I typically apply it to my temples, which I’ve done for many other brands. The difference was HUGE. I highly recommend this company and product.

    Leslie M.

    Pet Treats.

    Both of my dogs have a lot of reoccurring medical issues. I’ve used other CBD brands but Hemp Pharmanex’s Pet Treats produced way better results. I could tell right away that my dogs weren’t suffering anymore. 

    Leslie M.

    CBG Gummies.

    I had nausea and stomach pain the other night, and by the next morning, I felt better but not fully myself. That’s when I had a CBG gummy, and my issue completely went away. I don’t want nausea again, but I will definitely use the CBG gummies again! 

    Tina Hall

    We ordered the instant freeze relief rub and can’t say enough about this product. My husband has a lot of aches with his elbow and this product made it go away. Would highly recommend! Fast shipping !

    Anya Miller

    I bought the 4000mg intensive relief cream for my mom for knee and calf pain. This cream combined with moist heat pack and 2000 mint tincture has helped immensely to reduce inflammation and eases her discomfort.

    Ginger Turner

    Bought CBD INTENSIVE RELIEF RUB WITH EMU OIL for 2 older family members. It worked! One has fibromyalgia and said it has been working like a dream to help with aches and pains. They both love the smell and texture. Highly recommend. 

    Lisa Vargas

    Hemp Pharmanex is a great company with fast and friendly service. My Dog enjoys the CBD treats and the CBD drops these help when he is anxious and calms him down.


    Hi Laurel, Just wanted to let you know I recommended your products to my neighbor who was having sleep problems. She texted me yesterday saying on night 2 she had a sound sleep and the arthritis pain in her hands was less and didn’t wake up stiff. Also, she gave it to her husband who stopped moaning in his sleep. Of course it helped me sleep sound too. Thanks Charlie

    Maureen T.

    I bought the 4000mg intensive relief salve stick and rubbed it on my forehead and temples for my headache and was amazed that it got rid of it! My co worker turned me on to it, and I contacted laurel to order some. I also bought the 500mg pet drops for my great dane. Gave him his first small dose and walked him that night and noticed he was able to lift his neck up while walking. Noticed a difference in him after the first dose! Thanks Laurel.